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"Wind" might be the Windows 8 UI

Little information has been revealed about Windows 8 thus far, but we do know that Microsoft is planning on taking Windows 8 to the cloud and turning the desktop as we know it into a service (DaaS).

Winrumors, via windows8italia.com, uncovered that the Windows 8 user interface codename might be "Wind." The desktop will be available in both 32bit and 64bit editions, but with one major difference: the desktop. It's said that the 64bit version will have a full 3D desktop, taking Windows into the next generation. It's not known what the desktop will look like exactly, but it might be very similar to that of Windows 7, just in 3D.

Only high-end notebook and desktop PCs with dedicated memory cards will be able to power the 3D desktop. "Wind" will require users to have 170MB of video memory to run it, and will only operate on 64bit machines.

The site goes on to say that Windows 8 will be able to adapt to the users habits, customizing your desktop for you, showing shortcuts and icons for different scenarios, or possibly different users. Windows 8 will also have an improved hibernation mode, which can put your computer into sleep mode within three to six seconds. With manufacturers working hard on instant-on technology and a total overhaul to your BIOS, we could see Windows powering on and off within a few seconds.

As with all rumours and speculation, take this with a pinch of salt. Steve Ballmer was reported saying that Windows 8 will be "risky," which gives us some clues that Microsoft is looking for a major advancement in their operating system, hoping their gamble will payoff.

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