Windows 10 10120: Edge adds History, easy to remove single links

On Friday, a new build of Windows 10 made its way outside the walls of Redmond; you can read more about it here. One new feature that is included in this release is that Edge now supports History.

Microsoft, for some unknown reason, still calls the browser Spartan and uses the old icon despite announcing that its proper name is Edge. Name aside, the browser now supports History and includes the option to make it easy to remove single links for those times you buy your spouse a gift and want to hide the evidence.

Take a look at the gif above to get a better idea of how the feature works. This option should be arriving with the next Insider release too.

There are a couple other features in this release as well: in the context menu, there are two new developer options; Inspect Element and View Source.

These three new features are hardly new to the browsers that we have today, but seeing as Edge is a ground-up re-build for Microsoft, they have to create all of the options again from scratch. With each new feature being implemented, it's one more step on the road towards RTM.

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