Windows 10 10147: Accent color window borders now customizable

In the last few builds of Windows 10, Microsoft has allowed you to change the accent color of the OS. By going into the customization options, you could select from a wide range of colors to modify elements of the UI to create your own personalized theme - but one area, pixel borders, had been broken, until now.

In the build of Windows 10 that leaked yesterday, the one pixel border that goes around every window now matches that of your accent color. No longer is it permanently stuck on gold or another random color and as you can see in the gif above, the effect is minimal but adds a bit of polish to the UI.

Now we know that not everyone will love these colors, so if you select gray or black, the affect is not noticeable. At this time, there is not an option to specifically turn off this bit of visual flair.

In this release, Microsoft has fixed quite a few bugs relating to visual elements with title bars now matching the accent color for some apps such as Phone Companion.

It's clear that Microsoft is in bug-smashing mode as this release makes a giant stride in terms of stability and fixing small bugs like the accent color on window borders. With many of the UI elements now coming together and RTM right around the corner, it looks like Microsoft may pull off launching Windows 10 without many major hiccups.

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