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Windows 10: Battery Saver and Data Sense show up in 986x

Microsoft is expected to release a new build of the technical preview for Windows 10 in the very near future, according to their own words and now we know a little bit more about what to expect. The only build so far to be released to the public is 9841 but the next iteration will likely be in the 986x class of releases but of course, anything could change with Microsoft's internal plans before release.

Even with that small jump in build numbers, there are quite a few new things to play with for those of you who enjoy the small details in these kind of updates. Included in the newer builds of Windows 10 are Data Sense and Battery Sense, both of which are making the jump to the desktop OS, much like Wi-Fi Sense.

Battery Saver, as the name implies, will help your mobile device make the most out of your battery. This feature works by limiting the background activity on your device when the mode is activated. You can turn the feature on at anytime but there is also a setting to have it automatically turn on when there is user defined percentage left of the battery; meaning, turn on when there is 18% battery life left.

To no surprise either, Data Sense has started to show up in newer builds as well which will be handy for folks who are tethering or on metered connections. Inside this option panel you have the ability to limit background data transmissions and to limit data when roaming as well. On the left side of the settings pane, you have three options: Overview, Usage, and Settings.

As of right now, overview and usage are roughly the same thing but that's because the feature is not fully turned on in our build. While you can access the settings, they are not actively populating. We believe that Usage will likely display individual app data usage to show which apps are pulling down excessive amounts of data.

It is important to point out that the build this information was obtained from will likely not be the next version of the technical preview. While these bits may show up in that build, the version of Windows 10 we have access to is a later version.

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