Windows 8 PCs to get anti-bloatware deal from Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store retail locations have been offering what it calls its "Signature" offer when it sells PCs from other companies. This feature, which has been available for a while now, is designed to eliminate much of the "bloatware" that gets installed on some of the desktops and laptops sold by the bigger PC companies.

Now is reporting that Microsoft Store locations plan to continue to give the "Signature" treatment to Windows 8 PCs when that OS is released sometime later this year.

All Microsoft Store locations sell Windows PCs from companies such as Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung and Toshiba. The stores pledge to strip down the amount of trial programs and other pre-installed software that is normally offered on PCs. Usually, those programs end up never being used by the owner of the PC and can slow down its performance.

Microsoft offers this program for people who buy the current Windows 7 PCs from its store for free, along with 90 days of phone support. For an extra $99, the support is extended to a year, along with theft protection for your PC as well as other benefits.

Microsoft does install its own programs with its Signature set-up, including a copy of its free Microsoft Security Essentials program. However, Microsoft can also remove those programs by request and even install other programs from rival companies such as Google's Chrome web browser.

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