Windows 8 Start screen change in RTM to allow pictures

In anticipation for the imminent sign off of Windows 8 to RTM, stuff continues to leak out about the changes we can expect to see but aren't yet available in the Release Preview. Today, it's a Start screen tweak that appears to allow pictures instead of just colors.

Thanks to a posting over at Win8China, who has already leaked a ton of Windows 8 news in recent months, we can see a poorly taken screenshot of the Start screen settings which appears to allow more complex patterns as well as flat colors for the background of the Start screen. It doesn't look like an actual image can be selected from another source, but that will all become clearer once we're able to review the final build for ourselves.

For comparison, below is the current Start screen settings in the Release Preview.

As you can see, this really only allowed for a few patterns and colors.

So, it looks like we'll be in for more than a few surprises when Windows 8 becomes available, all we can say is that the "Release Preview" is looking more and more like a true Beta, rather than a Release Preview, what with all the changes and all.

Thanks Faikee for the tip in our forums; click through for another few screenshots.

Source: Win8China

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