Windows Phone 7 stock arriving this week

Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 last Thursday for European and Asian markets with various launch events around the world (Australia even had a visit from the Old Spice guy). It seemed that only one thing was missing from this long-awaited launch -- handsets. Frustration ensued, as anyone looking to purchase a new WP7 handset couldn’t find one, unless you were lucky enough to be near a flagship store.

Now, retailers throughout Australia are being told to brace for the actual launch as handsets finally begin arriving into stores. Telstra, the premier launch partner, has told its retail employees to expect stock this week, and other carriers are giving their retailers similar directions. Specifically, our information suggests that the HTC handsets will be arriving, which may leave Australia’s second biggest carrier, Optus, without any handsets until early next month, according to an insider.

Great news indeed, but it doesn’t answer other questions such as why did Microsoft launch without stock and what causes these delays? Surely Microsoft, the most important part of the equation, must have known that its partners were having issues with getting devices to market. Why not push the launch date out a week or two and have a solid launch with ample stock? We’ll be sure to let you know in the event that these questions are answered, but in the meantime, this author is looking forward to receiving his long awaited ‘Trophy’ this Friday.

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