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Windows Phone app publishing times decline

In May, Microsoft outlined plans to improve the quality of Windows Phone apps that were published on the Windows Phone Marketplace. This week, Microsoft announced on the Windows Phone blog that it would make further steps to improve not only the Marketplace but also the App Hub, where Windows Phone app developers get information about how their apps are doing in the Marketplace.

According to the blog, some app developers have recently experienced longer wait times for publishing Windows Phone apps. Microsoft states:

Last week we took action to trim the size of the Marketplace feed, by removing app information that was no longer used and frankly just slowing things down. Since we trimmed, the average publishing time—the period between hitting the publish button and seeing your certified app become visible in Marketplace—has improved by 20 to 30 percent. It now takes roughly 3 to 4 business days to certify and publish an app.

Microsoft is currently in the middle of creating a new backend for Windows Phone Marketplace but the company warned in the blog post that until that work is completed later this summer, there might be more delays for the certification and publishing of Windows Phone apps.

In addition, Microsoft said it has made some improvements to the performance and stability of the Windows Phone App Hub. Finally, Windows Phone developers can now " ... register a phone to their account, even if it was originally unlocked by a different account. You can now simply run registration tool to unlock the phone."

Source: Windows Phone blog

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