Windows Phone market share drops to 1.7%

Since the introduction of Windows to mobile devices, the operating system has struggled to gain traction, let alone reach the market statistics of iOS and Android. The Windows Phone brand has undoubtedly struggled in recent years, with a constant decline in market share and sales. Research firm Gartner has released statistics for the past 12 months of smartphone sales, and after sifting through the figures, the result is far from pretty for the Windows platform.

According to Gartner, in Q3 of 2014, Windows Phones represented 3% of the worldwide smartphone market, and still saw an established user base despite the low figures in comparison. Today's updated figures now show that market share has continued to plummet, and has reached 1.7% one year later in Q3 of 2015.

These reductions in sales are caused by a variety of reasons, and issues arising in many markets have managed to taint the Windows Phone name. Earlier this year Microsoft saw a large-scale restructure, with a write-down signaling the failure of the Nokia acquisition. When paired with major flaws in the ecosystem, and a lack of device releases over recent months, it can be expected that the Windows Phone entity as a whole has taken a hit.

Windows 10 Mobile is scheduled to release to the public next month, complemented by new handsets appearing on the market. Microsoft’s Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL mark the first Windows 10 flagship devices, providing a majority of Windows 10's top features. Microsoft has condensed their Windows mobile product range this past year, focusing on enthusiasts, businesses and developing markets, hoping to reduce clutter on the platform. Whether this strategy will work out in its favor is simply a matter of time.

Source: Gartner via Thurrott

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