With two days to go, Microsoft promotes Windows 10's Continuum in new video

One the key features that differentiates Windows 10 from Windows 8 is Continuum. In Windows 8, Microsoft had two distinct environments, one for the keyboard and mouse and the other for touch. With Windows 10, they are improving on this idea and to promote this fact, the company has released a new video highlighting the feature.

On the company's YouTube channel, Microsoft has posted a new video going over the basics of Continuum for the desktop. In the video they show the transition between desktop and tablet mode and how the two environments are much closer together in this OS rather than the jarring transition with Windows 8.

Continuum goes beyond the desktop as well and includes the phone too but Microsoft did not show off that feature in this video.

Windows 10 will arrive in little over a day and the company is feverishly preparing for parties around the world and of course ramping up its own internal processes so that Windows 10 can start being pushed out to consumers around the globe.

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