Yahoo mocks Gmail outage, backtracks, apologises, looks stupid

In a stunning example of the pot calling the kettle black, Yahoo decided to respond to yesterday's outage that affected numerous Google services by taking to Twitter to delight in its rival's misery. A tweet from Yahoo's account stated "Gmail is temporarily unavailable" along with a related screenshot: 

Apparently, Yahoo has a short memory - only last month, Yahoo Mail suffered a major outage which continued to affect its customers for four days. The company's chief executive, Marissa Mayer, later apologized for that "unacceptable" service failure. 

As Mashable reports, Yahoo has also apologized today, after deleting its earlier tweet, which it said had demonstrated "bad judgment": 

The original tweet was met with widespread derision on Twitter, with many openly mocking Yahoo, before the company finally saw sense and removed it. But Tom Krazit, executive editor at Gigaom, gets the glory for best summarising the folly of Yahoo's actions: 

Source: Mashable | image via Mashable

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