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You Won't Believe Your Eyes When 3D TV Becomes Reality

Perfect 3D television and movies without those horrible glasses? They're closer than you think. I'm sitting in Paris and some butterflies are fluttering towards me. Loads of them, perfectly clearly. I could allow one to land on my hand, or catch one of the rose petals being blown towards me - except I can't, because they're not real. They're images on a TV in high definition - and in perfect 3D. They look life-sized and real, and I'm not wearing any silly spectacles other than the ones I wear all the time.

People have been working on convincing 3D without the glasses for a long time and the demo is breathtaking. It's on a prototype Philips TV, which won't be available for a while; it would cost £10,000 at the moment, but that's expected to be vastly lower when it reaches the mass market. Philips isn't the only company investigating the possibilities; Luxembourg-based SeeReal has also made technological developments in the area with its Viewing Window Technology, aiming to reduce the amount of pixels you need before 3D works.

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News source: Guardian Unlimited

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