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Eldar claims new aluminium Nokia device could be "most popular this year"

Despite being a great range of devices by specifications, and receiving a lot of praise, Nokia's latest line of Windows Phone-powered Lumias are still lagging far behind first place in the highly competitive phone market.

There were rumors a while ago that the Lumia 920's successor would be thinner and lighter thanks to an aluminium body, and we may now have confirmation of that. The infamous Russian tech-expert, Eldar, has now confirmed that he's in fact seen a new Lumia device made from aluminium. Apparently he was given a sneak-peak during recent events in Barcelona.

The device (codenamed Catwalk), he claims, will be a highly popular device and may boost Windows Phone to the point that the ecosystem starts to get some real attention. Apart from the look and feel, the device may also feature a further-improved camera and a few other tweaks.

This is what the Catwalk 'might' look like.

Yet Eldar still believes that the OS will be the biggest deterrent for potential buyers. Respectfully, we have to disagree. Windows Phone is a great OS - and the biggest deterrent for potential buyers is the lack of apps/support for apps. It's almost a chicken and the egg-type story, as developers won't jump on board until consumers do, and consumers won't buy into the platform until their favourite developers do.

Nokia's Lumia devices aren't just suffering from low sales (compared to flagship devices from competitors). There are numerous reports around that Nokia's latest devices are quite troublesome - and my local retailer confirmed that the Lumia 920 and 820 are by far their highest returned high-end smartphones (attributed to faults) - this I found out as I was exchanging my Lumia 820 for the fourth time, and was offered a HTC Windows Phone 8X as a replacement.

Source: W7Phone.ru (Russian) via WMPoweruser

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