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09 October 2002
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Wikipedia rolling out new look and features

· · Hot! with 26 comments

Originally announced back in March of this year, Wikipedia today announced plans to roll out a new theme and several new features to improve the usability of the site. In brief, the main things that will...


Highly critical Safari vulnerability published

· · Hot! with 56 comments

Secunia last week published a new vulnerability affecting Apple’s desktop Safari browser. The new exploit can be used by malicious users to execute arbitrary code on the system and is deemed to be “highly critical”....


Android OS overtakes iPhone OS in the U.S.

· · Hot! with 68 comments

The NPD Group on Monday announced that Google’s Android operating system has overtaken Apple’s iPhone in total US smartphone market share. Sourcing the latest sales figures from the first quarter of 2010, Android OS powered...


Steve Jobs comments on iPad pricing and printing

· · Hot! with 99 comments

Apple last week announced the international availability of the iPad and with it came some early disappointment as the prices were seemingly much higher than what US customers were paying. Several dismayed MacRumors readers sent...


Archos to ship first Android tablet for $200

· · Hot! with 51 comments

Archos on Thursday officially announced their upcoming Android-powered tablet, the Archos 7. Running a custom version of Android 1.6 on a seven inch widescreen display, the new device is slated for launch this May 17...


Android ported to the iPhone 3G

· · Hot! with 39 comments

The team that initially brought the first successful port of Android for the first generation iPhone has now done the same for the iPhone 3G. David Wang posts on PC World that although their latest...


iPad eating away at netbook sales?

· · Hot! with 68 comments

A new report from Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty is showing how Apple’s new iPad is progressively cannibalizing low-cost netbook sales. Sourcing information from both the NPD and Morgan Stanley Research, the report illustrates how...


Google rolls out new design

· · Hot! with 81 comments

Google on Wednesday announced the release of their latest homepage and search design. The new “metamorphosis” reveals a cleaner page design with a left-aligned navigation pane and a brand new logo. The new left-hand navigation...