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Brave 1.52.117

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a lightning-fast, secure web browser that stands out from the competition with its focus on privacy, security, and speed. With features like HTTPS Everywhere and built-in tracker blocking, Brave keeps your online activities safe from prying eyes. Brave is one of the safest browsers on the market today. It blocks third-party data storage. It protects from browser fingerprinting. And it does all this by default.

Speed - Brave is built on Chromium, the same technology that powers Google Chrome, and is optimized for speed, providing a fast and responsive browsing experience.

Brave Browser also features Brave Rewards, a system that rewards users with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for viewing opt-in ads. This innovative system provides an alternative revenue model for content creators and a way to support the Brave community.

Brave Browser 1.52.117 changelog:


  • Added “Enable NFT auto-discovery” popup. (#29648)
  • Added “Hide balance” and “Show graph” options under Portfolio customizations in Brave Wallet menu. (#29868)
  • Added the ability to import hardware wallet accounts from the onboarding page. (#29107)
  • Added network selector when importing from hardware wallet. (#29662)
  • Added support for NFT discovery for ENS tokens. (#29121)
  • Added support for Solana versioned transactions. (#26042)
  • Added the ability to connect to DApps by selected network per origin. (#24414)
  • Implemented versioned transactions for Solana swaps on Jupiter. (#30296)
  • Implemented updated layout for Brave Wallet. (#29377)
  • Updated NFT auto-discovery modal text. (#29792)
  • Updated NFT details screen to match the new Brave Wallet layout. (#29472)
  • Updated Line chart color to match the new Brave Wallet design. (#29834)
  • Updated “Help Center” link to navigate directly to Brave Wallet section on Brave Help Center. (#29729)
  • Updated action text to bold and uppercase on the “Activity” tab. (#28535)
  • Updated popup menu in the “Accounts” tab to include account actions. (#29954)
  • Updated Jupiter Swap API to v4 to add support for versioned transactions. (#30297)
  • Fixed crash when loading SOL account page when a transaction is submitted that isn’t decoded. (#29698)
  • Fixed inability to sign transactions on custom EVM networks. (#30642)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet local storage data not being cleared when resetting Brave Wallet. (#29138)
  • Fixed infinite loading on the “Buy” screen in certain cases. (#30089)
  • Fixed missing display of FIL transaction fees. (#29814)
  • Fixed NFTs with no symbols from not being automatically discovered. (#29386)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet “Activity” tab incorrectly not displaying transactions. (#29272)
  • Fixed asset detail screen displaying selected network info from the “Market” tab. (#29663)
  • Fixed issue with Solana swap failing if “Associated Token Account” does not exist. (#29733)
  • Fixed Solana transactions not being submitted to the chain in certain cases. (#28645)
  • Fixed transaction status alignment on “Transaction” tab of Brave Wallet. (#28536)

Brave Rewards

  • Implemented Brave Ads welcome notification. (#29297)
  • Implemented Brave Ads clickthrough reminder notification. (#29313)
  • Updated custodian selection modal. (#29448)
  • Redesigned UI for the contribution banner. (#28148)


  • Added Vertical Tabs feature. (#29692)
  • Added “localhost resources” permission prompt. (#27346)
  • Added “Copy Text From Image” entry to image context menu on Windows. (#29003)
  • Added the ability to disable Brave VPN via Admin policy. (#29397)
  • Added “Remove from list” menu entry to download bubble context menu. (#29475)
  • Added an alert icon in the download bubble to indicate when an insecure download is in progress. (#29376)
  • Added Constellation/STAR encryption for P3A. (#24338)
  • Re-added the ability to view and manage individual cookies stored per-website under brave://settings/content/all. (#27150)
  • Removed Google fallback when is unresponsive. (#29841)
  • Fixed “HTTPS Everywhere” not being disabled when enabling “HTTPS By Default” which caused issues with “Don’t upgrade connections to HTTPS” in certain cases. (#30436)
  • Fixed race condition which could occur in certain cases when using Brave VPN on Windows. (#29338)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 114.0.5735.90. (#30679) (Changelog for 114.0.5735.90)

Download: Brave Browser 64-bit | 1.3 MB (Freeware)
Download: Brave Browser 32-bit
View: Brave Homepage | Other Operating Systems | Screenshot

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