WizFile 2.04 [Update]


WizFile is a very rapid file search utility. Search for files on your hard drive by name and get the results almost instantly. The entire file system can be quickly sorted by name, size or date. WizFile supports all types of hard drives, hard drive folders and network shares.

WizFile features:

  • Find files by name on your hard drives almost instantly
  • VERY Fast scanning! WizFile reads the master file table (MFT) directly from NTFS formatted hard drives so it's ready for use very quickly after start up.
  • Search by file name or full path name
  • Multiple search terms supported
  • Wild card file search (* and ? wild cards supported)
  • User defined filters
  • Monitors for file changes while active - your visible file search results will always be up to date
  • Keeps track of folder sizes - any changes made to the file system will automatically update the folder sizes
  • Does not require a separate database file - all file data is kept in memory

Changes in WizFile 2.02:

  • reduced memory use by around 45%

  • Clicking "Clear" will now clear results when even if a non empty custom filter is active

  • New "Clear search when minimized" option added (enabled by default). If enabled, minimizing the window will automatically clear the search results (as if "clear" was clicked)
    (This reduces memory and CPU use to the absolute minimum when WizFile is running in the background)

  • Tray icon would not appear if WizFile configured to start with Windows

WizFile 2.03 changelog:

  • Search result list loading speed increased

  • Reduced CPU use when building results list (could cause audio/video playback to stutter previously)

  • Memory use reduced

  • Improved high DPI support (WizFile might have incorrectly displayed very large text on high DPI screens previously)

  • "Start with windows" option would not start WizFile on laptops running on battery power.
    If you use WizFile on a laptop and want WizFile to start with Windows, then toggle the "start with windows" option off and back on again to correct this problem. This only has to be done once after upgrading to 2.03

  • Portable version will now use the default Windows language (if supported by WizFile) instead of defaulting to English

Changes in WizFile 2.04:

  • 64 bit version might have crashed when displaying message dialogs on certain PCs (fixed)

Download: WizFile 2.04 | Portable WizFile 2.04 | ~6.0 MB (Freeware)
View: WizFile Home page

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