A newer UT2003 demo is leaked

Just saw this @ Unrealtournament2003.co.uk and I have still to verify that it's a new build but by the screenshots it looks new...

I have just heard news that there is a new leak of ut2k3 going around which has a ton more maps and has bombing run and all the correct skins for models and the new hud, and possible has the karma physics in it. I put all the screens I got into another new gallery.

Screenshot: Tons of UT2003 screens here

News source: Unrealtournament2003.co.uk

and this one for kicks was made by some people with too much time on their hands and nothing better to do..

Waiting for the UT2003 demo

Just found this site were you can join the growing army of peeps waiting for the UT 2003 Demo! HeHe

View: Waiting for the UT2003 demo

News source: Warp2search

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