Alan Wake expert says Heavy Rain is "visually uneven"

PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain is "visually uneven", at least according to CaptiveMotion founder Mark Carson, whose company is responsible for the facial animation in upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake.

Speaking about Heavy Rain in an interview with VG247, the motion capture specialist said, "It’s beautiful and brilliant but visually uneven at points, which unfortunately is the nature of the industry because of the scope, budgets and time-frames required.

"I would have loved to have worked with them on that project. I think we could have help with that. In the end it’s a very different product from Alan Wake and I think everyone will agree once it comes out."

However, in the interview Carson also says that he hasn't actually played Heavy Rain, nor does he even own a PS3. "Unfortunately I don’t own a PS3, but I’ve pored over the reviews and extended play video from the various sites," he said.

Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain has won critical acclaim and topped the UK multi-platform gaming charts upon its release at the end of February.

Remedy's story-based action horror game, Alan Wake, releases on May 18th (May 21st for the EU) on the Xbox 360.

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