Apache HTTP Server 2.0.35 GA

Apache has been the most popular web server on the Internet since 1996. The Apache project is an effort to develop and maintain an open-source HTTP server for various modern desktop and server operating systems, such as UNIX and Windows NT.

What's New:

  • On Unix systems with POSIX threads support, Apache can now run in a hybrid multiprocess, multithreaded mode. This improves scalability for many, but not all configurations

  • The build system has been rewritten from scratch to be based on autoconf and libtool

  • Apache now has some of the infrastructure in place to support serving multiple protocols. mod_echo has been written as an example

  • The API for modules has changed significantly for 2.0

  • On systems where IPv6 is supported by the underlying Apache Portable Runtime library, Apache gets IPv6 listening sockets by default

  • Apache modules may now be written as filters which act on the stream of content as it is delivered to or from the server

  • Many confusing directives have been simplified
News source: Betanews

View: Apache 2.0 Change Log

Download: Apache HTTP Server for Windows 2.0.35 GA (5.4mb zipped)

Download: Apache HTTP Server for Unix 2.0.35 GA (3.9mb gzipped)

This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system

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