Apex Legends season one and $10 battle pass launches tomorrow

The much-awaited Season 1 content update and its battle pass for Apex Legends are launching tomorrow, March 19, at 10am PT, Respawn Entertainment announced today.

The Wild Frontier season update will be free to all players, bringing in the new speed-buff equipped squad member Octane, while the premium battle pass, with its massive amount of cosmetic rewards, can be had for 950 Apex Coins (around $10 worth.)

According to PlayStation Blog, Octane's Adrenaline Junkie ability has him trading a portion of his health for a temporary speed boost. His passive, meanwhile, heals him up slowly while not in battle. And finally, his ultimate lets him put jump pads on the ground that can be used by anyone.

The battle pass has over 100 rewards to earn by leveling up for players who purchase it, with some cosmetic item - from a weapon skin to an XP boost - attached to every level. Interestingly, this battle pass has Apex Coin rewards at high levels that will cover the original cost of the pass, giving players another incentive to grind it out.

For those who are keen on grabbing some of the rewards early, there will also be a battle pass bundle available to purchase for 2800 Apex Coins, which will come with 25 levels of the Wild Frontier battle pass. Regular free-to-play players aren't left out to dry either, as they can earn five Apex Packs, 18 new stat trackers, and a Wild Frontier Legend skin by just playing.

Head over here to see the full list of rewards that are in store for Apex Legends Wild Frontier battle pass owners, as well as a handy FAQ.

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