Apple and AT&T now allowing VoIP iPhone applications

Recently, a lot of dust has been kicked up about computing giant Apple's relationship with the cellular provider AT&T, and how it affects developers on the App Store. There's been a federal investigation into this, and it seems things have finally been resolved for the aforementioned developers.

AT&T announced on Tuesday that it will now allows iPhone applications that utilize VoIP technology to run on its network, an issue which has been outstanding for longer than most people would like so far. Of course, now that AT&T has allowed this development, Apple is changing its App Store submission terms to fit, according to The Loop. Apple spokesperson, Natalie Kerris, said, "We are very happy that AT&T is now supporting VoIP applications. We will be amending our developer agreements to get VoIP apps on the App Store and in customers' hands as soon as possible."

Which applications will be affected by this? The big ones are Vonage and Skype; having previously been limited to calls over WiFi, they'll now be able to ring others over a cellular connection, vastly improving the usefulness of the service. One big question that people will be asking is, "What about Google Voice?", the main reason that the federal investigation into Apple and AT&T kicked off in the first place. Unfortunately, that particular application isn't actually run through VoIP, so chances are slim that it will be allowed onto the iPhone any time soon. Nevertheless, there is always the chance that it could be, so keep an eye out for any news on that.

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