Apple invites you to 'open your heart to everyone' in new holiday ad

Apple is taking a break from its usual advertisements, like touting its Mac computers against the products of rival Microsoft, among others. As part of the upcoming holiday season, the Cupertino company has released a new ad entitled 'Frankies' Holiday,' starring the classic character Frankenstein.

The ad opens with him chilling in a cabin, recording a tune from his music box onto his iPhone. He then decides to step out of the house, walking towards a plaza full of people. Upon seeing the character, everyone is surprised and appalled, getting away from him as much as possible. Trying to not get too affected, Frankie plugs on some festive Christmas lights onto his neck, and starts to sing a rendition of '(There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays' through his recording.

With the frightened crowd, Frankenstein stops singing, looking hopeless. However, a girl comes up, fixes his broken lights, and continues singing the rest of the song with him. It didn't take long before everybody else in the crowd followed through, much to Frankie's delight.

By the end of the video, Apple sent out a short but powerful message, asking viewers to 'open your heart to everyone.' In today's times where divisiveness is very apparent, the advertisement leaves us a good message of acceptance of all people, placing love as the most important thing above all else.

Source: Apple via The Next Web

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