Apple protesters to hold rally in New York Thursday

There's been a lot more talk lately about how factories that make products for companies like Apple are treating its workers. On Thursday two groups, and SomeOfUs, plan to hold a rally at Apple's recently launched Grand Central Station store in New York City to express their views on the alleged poor working conditions at those factories, including plants owned by Foxconn.

The groups plan to present a digital petition that's been signed by 250,000 people to Apple representatives. The petition basically asks that Apple ask the factories that create its product to make a better work place for the factories' employees. The petition letter states in part:

Here’s the thing: you’re Apple. You’re supposed to think different. I want to continue to use and love the products you make, because they’re changing the world, and have already changed my life. But I also want to know that when I buy products from you, it’s not at the cost of horrible human suffering.

In 2010, a number of Foxconn employees in China committed suicide at work as reports came in of poor working conditions and low pay at those plants. Foxconn reportedly made Foxconn workers sign anti-suicide contracts in 2011. In January, Apple released its annual supplier responsibility report. As part of its report, the company said it conducted a total of 227 audits of its suppliers in 2011. However the report said Apple stopped working with just one supplier of parts in 2011, which the company said was a "repeat offender" of its rules.

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