AT&T broadband users unhappy with service

AT&T this week completed the monumental task of migrating over 850,000 Exite@Home customers to their network, BUT not without a few blips and complaints from angry customers.

Customers are complaining that their "super fast broadband" connections are no more faster than normal dialup's, and are further fuming that they are paying upwards of $50 per month for a service that, speed wise, is a far cry from the 1.5mbit that AT&T promotes.

Some pockets of AT&T Broadband Internet customers, in Colorado and Pennsylvania have no connection at all, and customer service agents have told these users that service will be restored Sunday at the earliest, but it could take weeks longer.

AT&T have reported that some problems were due to a "DNS Blip" earlier in the week, but AT&T spokeswoman Sarah Eder said that "We figured it was important to get people migrated and have some connectivity than none at all. We didn't do five days of testing and then move everybody; we just moved them".

Eder further commented that "AT&T would not issue credit for customers experiencing slow connections, only a two day credit for each day that customers are without service, which applies only to people who had to use dial-up access or had no connection at all".

AT&T customer Ron Naminski found the statement, as well as his numerous attempts to learn about when his service would be restored to full speed, highly distasteful. AT&T will not comment on when the service will return to its typical downstream capability of 1.5 kilobits per second, and Naminski's repeated attempts on the toll-free phone line and online chat have not produced answers.

News source: CNet News

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