Popup's, Popunders, now we have Shoshkeles!

I happen to work in Boston (Gawd I hate it when I have to work on a Saturday!) so I was especially amused to see a story on Slashdot concerning a new ad format being shown on Boston.com (I think I've seen similar ad's on sites lite TechTV and some others) and I thought I'd share this with the rest of the NeoWin crew. (Oh brother, what will they think off next! Ed.)

    Quote from Slashdot: "The new ad's result is an incredibly annoying experience of having crap run around the page you are reading, along with sound. And you thought banner ads sucked. The company responsible for the technology, United Virtualities says these are 'browser driven, platform agnostic, sound enabled, free moving forms that marry total creative license to a whole new level of effectiveness.' Effective in annoying, I guess."
Here's a description from Boston.com's MediaKit about the new form of advertising... (Seems that they DO work in other browsers, after all... so don't believe everything you read! Ed.)
    On your visit to Boston.com today, you saw something you might not have seen before. It is a rich media ad format developed by United Virtualities. You don't need a plug-in to see the ad, and it won't interfere with other links on the page. Plus, there is no perceived download with Shoshkeles, so it will not take the page longer to appear.

    The Shoshkeles you viewed today were for AT&T Broadband in promotion of their high-speed Internet and Digital Cable services. There are five versions of the AT&T Shoshkele. You will see up to two versions each day. The ads only appear when using an Internet Explorer browser.

News source: Slashdot

View United Virtualities demo's for AT&T :- Example-1, Example-2, Example-3, Example-4, Example-5

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