AT&T: MMS 'no extra cost' for text bundle customers

Have you been frustrated with AT&T lagging behind in iPhone feature deployment, and the upgrade pricing for the iPhone 3G S? Well there is a bit of good news. According to MacWorld, AT&T will be offering the MMS feature at no extra cost to customers who have a text messaging plan.

In AT&T's iPhone 3G S FAQ, it states:

Later this summer, as part of the 3.0 software, AT&T will make multimedia messaging (MMS) available at no extra cost to customers with a text messaging bundle

Thankfully for the consumer, text plans for AT&T start at $5 per month for 200 text message. However, there is uncertainty as to whether MMS will be counted differently from regular text messages. We also don't know what specific date "later this summer" is referring to, whether it'd be on launch day, which is June 19, or sometime in July or August. There is also uncertainty as to when the tethering feature will be rolled out. As reported by Boy Genius Report, the reason AT&T gave for the delaying in rolling out MMS support was "because AT&T has to manually remove all the 'Opt Out MMS codes' on each account."

The bottom line is that this is good news for those who have been getting the short end of the stick lately when it comes to AT&T and the iPhone's features. As we previously reported, this isn't stopping consumers from pre-ordering the iPhone 3G S, causing AT&T to be sold out of the devices.

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