Battery Life Maximizer

Battery Life Maximizer

Battery Life Maximizer keeps an eye on your laptop and fixes power efficiency problems quickly before they drain your battery.

New laptops are designed to operate many hours on a single charge. However, many laptop users are suffering much shorter battery life. If you are one of them, maybe you are not making the most of your laptop. Battery Life Maximizer will help you to find out why.

Battery Life Maximizer looks into every detail of your laptop and pinpoints the power efficiency problems that really matters to the battery life. This also means that Battery Life Maximizer, as it knows what is exactly causing the problem, can provide the right solution.

Battery Life Maximizer explains what options are available and pros and cons of them so that you can achieve the perfect balance between battery life and usability. Power hogs can act up at any time. Even a trivial event, such as changing WiFi connection, can cause a sudden and unexpected power consumption increase. What's more, with the help of the Battery Life Maximizer Chrome extension, Battery Life Maximizer will help to minimize the power consumption of your laptop while watching YouTube videos.

Battery Life Maximizer changes:

  • Battery Usage History page show data on systems which do not properly report battery discharge rate

Download: Battery Life Maximizer | 5.3 MB (Shareware, Free 14 Day Trial)
View: Battery Life Maximizer Home Page

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