Bill Gates combats some myths about himself in cute animated video clip

Microsoft co-founder, and newly crowned Technology Advisor, Bill Gates used his annual letter for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fight off myths about poverty. Today, Gates took to YouTube to answer some myths about, well, Bill Gates.

The video, which was posted ahead of his Reddit AMA session, is similar to one that he posted in 2013 in that Gates voices over a cute animated version of himself. The new clip has Gates trying to dispel the notion that he is the world's biggest philanthropist. He insists that he is not, because while he is donating lots of money to good causes, he's also not sacrificing other things like his job, vacations or even trips to the movies.

He states there are people who do without much of what Gates has in their work in order to help others. Gates feels they are bigger philanthropists than he is, even if they don't get as much media attention.

Gates also said he would indeed pick up a $100 bill if he found it on the ground, but then donate that money to his foundation. The final part of the video concerns a myth he brought up in his 2014 letter that sending aid to other countries doesn't work. He points out that sending aid to combat and eradicate smallpox has indeed worked and has saved the lives of two million children a year. The Reddit AMA session is still ongoing as of this writing and you can check it out right now.

Source: Bill Gates on YouTube

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