Bing Saves beta quietly starts; lets users save search pages to Microsoft Account

Microsoft constantly adds new features to Bing, such as the recent placement of TripAdvisor content to search results. Late this week, a few people got a chance to check out a new beta test for yet another upcoming Bing feature called Bing Saves.

Long time Neowin community member "Matthew_Thepc" sent us a tip alerting us that some members of the old "Bing Insiders" group got an email invite to try out the Bing Saves beta. He told us, "Basically it's a way for you to click a "save" button next to each link on a Bing results page (see image) or use a bookmarklet to instantly save pages to your Microsoft Account."

While the beta is only available the folks who got the email invite, "Matthew_Thepc" said he was able to show off a couple of screenshots of how Bing Saves works. As you can see from the image above, there is an icon to the left of a search result link with "Save this for later."

The other image shows how each page looks after it has been saved to the Microsoft account. There's a Modern-style UI on the right side of the Bing page, showing specific categories such as "Trending" and "Public Feed". The page also indicates that saved pages can also be dragged to the toolbar.

It's certainly a very cool addition and we can't wait to find out when it will be added to the public Bing page.

Thanks again to "Matthew_Thepc" for the tip.

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