Bixby is opening itself up to third-party apps later this year

Samsung hasn't been met with a whole lot of success when it comes to its smart digital assistant, Bixby. Despite its efforts to force its customers to use it, users keep trying to find ways to reprogram the dedicated button on devices like the Galaxy Note9 so as to make it more useful.

Part of the reason Bixby isn't quite as popular as Google's or Amazon's digital assistants is the fact that it can't connect to a lot of third-party services. Now, it seems Samsung is looking to fix that, as CNBC reports that the company is opening it up to third-party developers.

DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung's mobile division, said that it is planning to release both an SDK and an API for Bixby, allowing for apps to be built around the digital assistant. Both of these are scheduled for release later this year, specifically in November, which is when the Korean company is hosting its annual developer conference.

Koh hopes that Bixby will be able to grow by opening itself up to other developers, but with the likes of Google and Amazon already so far ahead, it may be a little too late for Samsung's digital assistant to catch up. Samsung made some upgrades to Bixby in time for the release of the Galaxy Note9, but the assistant still struggles with basic queries, and that won't be fixed by just adding support for third-party apps.

Source: CNBC via Digital Trends

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