Blog Navigator Beta 1 released

Blog Navigator is a fully featured Internet article reader that reads in RSS feeds (most major sites have RSS feeds these days) and displays them in a clean interface to make it very easy and fast to read through tons of news.

There are other RSS readers out there already, but Blog Navigator has a few features that, when combined, make it really stand out:

1) It automatically pre-fetches articles. That is, it caches articles you haven't read yet so that when you get to them, it's already there. Anyone who surfs the net knows what we mean when we say this is a big deal.

2) Blog Groups. You can take different sites and mix them together into a blog group and then read the combined content as if it were a single mega website. Blog Navigator has different viewing modes too such as Newspaper mode where all these articles look like they're on a single website. It's a bit like Google's News feature -- except again, because of item #1 they're pre-cached and secondly, you have direct control over what the content sources are.

3) Archiving. Blog Navigator has a feature called Keep-Safe. So you can go to your favorite blog, or blog group, right click on it, and select "Keep Safe". It will then archive the articles for off-line viewing and even creates a .MHT file so you can read them like regular web pages if you want. There are programs on the net that charge $30 just for this feature alone and don't do it nearly as cleanly as Blog Navigator.

4) Web article searching. You can type in keywords and it'll automatically create a saved search folder. Each day, it can go and look up those keywords and put together a list. And again, because of the pre-fetching feature, they're there waiting for you.

5) Blog Navigator can be used just as a web browser. With the click of a button it can make its browser portion full screen complete with a tabbed interface -- similar to Mozilla except it uses Internet Explorer's engine.

Blog Navigator is still in beta but there's a free downloadable version at Upcoming versions will allow you to create your own blog entries for blog sites and allow you to manage blog account information.

Whether you are a blogger or just someone who surfs the net for news and information, Blog Navigator is worth checking out.

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