Bluehole offers a look at PUBG's new desert map: Miramar

Bluehole's massively popular battle royale title, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), has only had a single map, Erangel, since its inception. However, that is soon about to change. Following a long period of teasers, as well as leaks from data-mined information, the developer has finally unveiled and given a name for the upcoming new map for PUBG.

The map is named Miramar, and unlike Erangel's very green and woodland environment, the new one is situated in a desert. In the announcement blog post, the developer said that "The unique terrain and dense urban areas of Miramar will create a new Battle Royale experience where the old strategies may no longer work and new tactics are required."

The developer also unveiled a host of new screenshots as well as short descriptions of a number of key areas such as landmarks and towns, all of which can be found on the announcement page here.

In addition to the locations unveiled today, there should be plenty of other exciting places to visit in the map as well, but the developer is letting players discover the rest of the map for themselves to not take away the experience. While Miramar is slated to arrive when the PC version of PUBG reaches version 1.0 sometime later this month, players will be able to try the map out beforehand during the game's final test rounds on the test servers.

The game is also heading to Xbox One on December 12 via the Xbox Game Preview program, but there is no word on when the desert map will reach the console version.

Source: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (Steam) via PC Gamer

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