Bungie delivers final Xbox 360 update for Destiny

After leaving Microsoft, Bungie partnered with Activision to roll out its next title, Destiny. Destiny was released in 2014 with a budget of 500 million dollars and was a huge success for the studio, becoming one of the top games of 2014. Since then, the title has received periodic content updates, expanding its universe. As Bungie prepares for the next expansion titled, Rise of Iron, players on legacy consoles like the Xbox 360, will be left behind, being offered one final update to fix bugs and other issues.

The update, version of the game, will bring the following fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where Solar-based Damage-Over-Time (DoT) effects were dealing half their intended damage
  • Fixed an issue where the Intellect stat was not generating the correct amount of Super energy
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Electrostatic Mind perk removed the Super regeneration provided by the Intellect stat


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Apotheosis Veil helmet from being accessible in the Exotic Armor Blueprints kiosk


  • Fixed an issue that could cause weekly activities from ending earlier than the weekly reset
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Legendary Marks from being granted when finishing the "Paradox" and "Lost to Light" missions when they are the featured Daily Story Mission
  • Fixed an issue where players with a full Postmaster inventory did not receive the Moments of Triumph book
  • Players who did not receive their Moments of Triumph book can now find it in the Postmaster

Although Rise of Iron will not be offered on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, players will still be able to play Destiny and progress their character. While details have not been disclosed, Bungie did state in June that it would offer two different experiences for those on current generation and legacy consoles. Rise of Iron is now available for pre-order for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Bungie via Polygon

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