Carphone Warehouse's 'iD' mobile network launches tomorrow and here are the plans on offer

Carphone Warehouse will join a fiercely contested market tomorrow with the launch of its 'iD' mobile network and ahead of the launch, the company has revealed new details about available price plans and how they are different to the other available plans on the market.

The network will offer price plans split into four tiers: Shockproof, Go To, TakeAway and SIM only with all contracts offering access to Three's 4G network. The Shockproof tier will start at just £7.50 per month and is designed to avoid unexpected expensive bills, by capping your usage with a customizable buffer for extra data when needed.

The iD network will also offer Go To contracts, which are designed for data-heavy users that rarely leave the UK. These plans will start from £11.50 per month on a two year contract - or £13.50 per month on a 12 month contract - but the company hasn't revealed just how much data will be included in your monthly allowance.

For customers who need to roam abroad, the TakeAway plan will offer plans starting at £25.50 per month with inclusive roaming in 22 countries around the world. Three's own Feel At Home initiative allows you to use your allowances in 18 countries around the world and its unknown whether the TakeAway plan will include data usage abroad or just calls and texts like other networks.

The last tier of plans on offer will be SIM only from £7.50 per month including voice or £5 per month if you only need data. Like its network partner, iD will offer SIM only plans with unlimited data and one contract highlighted offers unlimited data, 2000 minutes and 5000 texts for £20 per month.

As the UK's largest mobile retailer, Carphone Warehouse will hopefully have a large selection of handsets available but until we see an exact breakdown of the packages on offer, it's hard to judge the iD plans. The TakeAway plan could prove popular for roaming plans and the Shockproof plan will appeal to customers who need fixed monthly pricing but with a competitive market filled with well-backed newcomers and Three's pending buying out of O2, the network will need to stand out against the UK's major networks.

Source: iD via Engadget

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