Civilization VI: New Frontier's upcoming Maya civilization detailed

Firaxis is switching back on the civilization reveals for its massively popular 4X strategy game Civilization VI, since there's a brand new season pass incoming to the game that is now almost four years old. Today's first look comes in for the Maya, one of the two new factions that will arrive with the first add-on pack.

The Maya's national unique ability, Mayab, lets it gain housing and gold bonuses from farms, while Amenity bonuses are gained from luxury resources that are adjacent to the city center. However, the civ does not get any adjacency housing bonuses from settling next to coastlines or fresh water.

Meanwhile, its unique district is the Observatory, a Campus replacement that gains Science bonuses from farms and plantations that are next to it. The Hul’che will be the unique unit of the Maya, a replacement for the archer unit with bonus combat strength against wounded enemies.

The Maya is being led by Queen Lady Six Sky, and her unique leader ability, Ix Mutal Ajaw, lets the civilization's capital city grant yield bonuses to its other cities that are within a six tile range, while also granting a combat bonus to military units within that same area. On the flip side, cities that aren't near the capital will see reduced yields, essentially swaying players to build a snug empire.

The New Frontier Pass will be bringing the Maya and Gran Colombia civilizations in the first add-on pack, so the latter faction will probably get a first look feature soon as well. This pack is slated to land on May 21 as part of the New Frontier Pass as well as an individual DLC pack.

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