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Coursera co-founder, Andrew Ng, quits Baidu to launch AI startup

Andrew Ng, formerly of Baidu and co-founder of Coursera, has launched a new AI startup called deeplearning.ai. Ng announced the startup via his Twitter account with the witty hashtag #deeplearniNgAI. He stated that more announcements will follow soon.

The website, which is registered under Ng’s name, states “Explore the frontier of AI” followed by the #deeplearniNgAI hashtag and “August 2017”, which is possibly an indication of when he expects to share more information about the startup. A look at the website’s source code also shows several of the website’s keywords which are used by search engines to find content; the keywords are: AI, andrew ng, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning. The latter two items are fields with which Ng is familiar, giving us an idea of what the startup will focus on.

Malika Cantor, a partner at an AI investment firm, Comet Labs, says that the prospect of deeplearning.ai is generating quite some excitement within the industry and that the startup could provide “more tools and platforms to support the AI ecosystem.”

Until March, Andrew Ng worked at Baidu in charge of the AI team there. His former employer wished him the best in his work but also said that it has no association with the new startup.

Source: CGTN

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