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Danish ISPs to begin blocking Grooveshark

"There's no such thing as free", the saying goes, and if news breaking in Denmark is to be believed, the music streaming service Grooveshark's existence is limited. The music streaming site is no stranger to controversy, having been threatened with lawsuits and takedown in the past, though it has somehow always sustained and survived. Now, the game is up in Denmark.

As Danish news site B.DK reports, Grooveshark is to be blocked in the near future by certain telecommunications companies in the country. A Bailiff's Court in Fredriksberg has requested that telecommunications company Three (or 3, as it is also simply shortened to) immediately blocks customers from accessing the controversial music streaming service. Citing violations of international copyright, the Danish government is looking into ensuring the service is blocked.

According to attorney Maria Fredenslund, the service is based on lies and deception. Users believe that the service is legal, providing payment to existing musicians and record labels, though this is not the case. Grooveshark has also previously received Neowin's attention for the same reason, back in July 2011. Somehow the service seems to have escaped the lawsuit filed by Universal Music Group at the time unscathed, though the Danish lawsuit could be the start of a snowballing effect.

Grooveshark's time is almost definitely limited. Once the first block has been executed the floodgates could open for any other country to join in, and with laws such as ACTA, file sharing sites could also be closing in the near future due to pressure.

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