Dell to repair Alienware M11x laptop hinge issue

Dell launched its Alienware m11x gaming PC laptop in early 2010 to a lot of hype. It did receive high reviews from critics who enjoyed being able to play most high end PC games on a small laptop. However, later in 2010 some owners of the first two versions of the Alienware M11x posted word on message boards that the hinges on the laptop broke off, making the product's LCD screen separate from the main body of the laptop.

After several months, Dell has finally posted up word on its blog site that it will be fixing the hinge issue of the Alienware M11x laptop. This fix affects the first two versions of the product; Dell says that the third revision of the M11x already has the improved hinges built into the system. The fix is only for those owners who discover that they are having problems with the hinges with Dell saying, "Please don’t contact us if your hinge assembly is working correctly." However it pledges to help if those owners do discover hinge problems in the future. The fix for the hinge will be handled by Dell for free regardless of the user's current warranty status.

The fix itself will require more than the replacement of the hinge assembly. It will also involve the replacement of the laptop's LCD screen as well as some wireless components. Dell's blog site has all the details on how Alienware M11x customers can get their faulty hinges replaced by the company. This issue does not affect any of Dell's other Alienware gaming PC notebooks.

Image via Dell

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