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Diablo 4 Closed End Game Beta coming soon, invitations to be sent out by November 18

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Are you a Diablo fan? Did you ignore the GTA VI leak this weekend to spend your time on the Diablo IV gameplay leak? Have you been whiling away the days until Diablo IV's release by digging into your umpteenth play through on Diablo II: Resurrected and Diablo III? If so, then Blizzard has some good news for you.

Blizzard has announced the first chance for gamers to test an early version of Diablo IV, coming soon in the form of a Closed End Game Beta. Blizzard is promoting the upcoming beta as the first of a few opportunities for select players to experience a little taste of Diablo IV.

The Closed End Game Beta will be focused on Diablo IV's end game for a couple of reasons. For one, the Diablo IV team is eager to avoid spoiling the story of Lilith's return, so the beta will be set in a post-campaign Sanctuary. The other reason is to begin collecting player feedback early on the end game experience and challenges with the goal of incorporating as much of the feedback into the game as possible before launch.

As a closed beta, players will be under NDA and will have to be invited to participate. The Closed End Game Beta will be playable on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 with full cross-play and cross-progress for all platforms. Invites will be limited to players of other recent Diablo games.

Specifically, we’ll be using gameplay data to invite a limited number of Diablo players who have recently spent significant amounts of time playing the end-game experiences of Diablo II: Resurrected, Diablo III, and Diablo Immortal.

Interested gamers will also need to enable the “News and Special Offers from Battle.net” option in their Battle.net account.

In addition to eligibility details, Blizzard detailed a number of end game offerings that will be available during the beta leading up to the Closed End Game Beta boss:


While roaming Sanctuary on foot or atop your trusty steed, be aware of your surroundings, for you might find yourself caught in a Helltide. This is a new region-wide event that becomes available to heroes only once they have reached World Tier Three: Nightmare difficulty. In a Helltide, the servants of Lilith are empowered, having their difficulty increased, but dropping loot worthy of the danger. Her mightiest minions are also out in greater force, and the very ground of Sanctuary as you know it has been morphed by the surge in demonic activity.

As you cull the monstrosities inhabiting a Helltide, they’ll potentially drop Cinders, a new currency that can be spent to open Helltide Chests scattered throughout the respective region. These chests boast bountiful boons exclusive to a singular item slot, such as Torso, Legs, or Two-Handed Weapon. But be wary in hoarding your Cinders—should you fall in battle, they’ll drop and must be reclaimed.

Nightmare Dungeons

We’ve crafted a difficulty of Diablo dungeons straight out of your nightmares. No, really! Nightmare-difficulty dungeons in Diablo IV unlock upon locating your first Nightmare Sigil. Each sigil corresponds to a specific dungeon somewhere within Sanctuary. These sigils will add special modifiers to their dungeon, increasing the ferocity of the hell-servants waiting for you inside and providing higher-rarity loot. Through completing Nightmare dungeons, you will recover even more powerful sigils, introducing increasingly death-defying modifications and challenges for you to overcome. As you progress into higher and more challenging World Tiers, new Nightmare Dungeons will become available for you to explore.

Whispers of the Dead

The Tree of Whispers has a few loose ends to tie and needs your help settling the score. Displayed on your map, players will see various Whispers scattered throughout Sanctuary. Complete the associated task and be met with experience, gold, and Grim Favors. The number of Grim Favors you receive from completing a Whisper varies, but once you’ve collected 10 Grim Favors from the dearly departed, they can be exchanged at the Tree of Whispers for a bevy of loot and experience to reward your heroics.

The types of Whispers a player sees on their map rotate frequently, with new ones becoming available throughout the day for you to track. Each Whisper will offer both a different set of rewards and experience for completing it.

Traditionally, the Whispers of the Dead system does not become available to players until after completing a specific chapter of the Main Questline. For the Closed Beta, players will be able to engage with this system right out the gate.

Fields of Hatred

Born from their contempt of mortals, Mephisto has cursed specific areas of Sanctuary, transforming them into deadly Fields of Hatred. These designated PvP zones are the proving grounds for players looking to bring renown to their name through blood and zeal. While inside the Fields of Hatred, players can dispatch demons to collect Seeds of Hatred. To make use of these seeds, you’ll need to bring them to the Altar of Extraction where they can be smashed into Red Dust. Be quick to convert your Seeds of Hatred to Red Dust—they are the desire of other players lurking in the zone, and if they are skilled enough to overtake you in combat, your Seeds of Hatred will be dropped.

Going through the trouble of transforming Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust does have its merits. Red Dust will not be lost if you are felled. It can also be spent at the PvP Cosmetic and Mount Vendors for ornamental rewards. Will you be able to forge a name for yourself in these tainted lands?

Paragon Boards

Upon reaching level 50, the Paragon Boards, an end-game character growth system designed to empower your hero, unlocks. As your hero earns experience, they will receive Paragon points. These points can be spent to unlock new tiles, Sockets, and even additional Paragon Boards to further customize your hero and ascend to new heights of power!

Gamers who want to participate need to update their Blizzard.net settings by October 11. Follow these instructions for a change to be invited:

  • Visit the Battle.net website or open the Battle.net launcher.
  • Click your username that’s displayed in the top right-hand corner of the screen and click “Account Settings” or “View Account” depending on the platform.
  • Click the “Privacy & Communication” menu option then scroll down to “Communication Preferences.”
  • Click the “Update” button and make sure the “News and Special Offers from Battle.net” option is enabled.

Email invites to the Closed End Game Beta will be sent out by November 18.

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