Diablo in space? Blizzard actually worked on "Starblo"

We could have had a very interesting game from Blizzard if everything had come together. A new report claims that the game developer worked on a prototype for a game that would have taken the successful action-RPG formula of the Diablo series into outer space.

Shacknews reports that, according to the upcoming unauthorized Blizzard history book Stay Awhile and Listen by David Craddock, the Diablo 2 team split into two teams following the release of the game in 2000. One was the main Diablo team while the other team members worked on a number of prototypes for new game concepts.

One of them was nicknamed "Starblo" and the story says that it let players board a spaceship and travel to several planets, where they would kill and take loot from the aliens on those worlds. The team created some playable builds of "Starblo" by the time a number of key Diablo team members left the company in 2003.

The report doesn't say specifically why the game didn't come to fruition, but we suspect the full story will be made available in Craddock's book which will be published in the near future by DM Press.

Source: Shacknews | Image via Blizzard

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