Does Google make more money off iOS than Android?

Google has bragged in the past about 850,000 smartphones and tablets based on Android are activated on a daily basis. Now there is a report that the company actually generates less revenue from Android than it does providing services for Apple's iOS devices.

The Guardian reports that it has obtained a settlement offer from Google to Oracle as part of an ongoing lawsuit. (Oracle ended up rejecting the settlement). The report claims that the Oracle offer includes some revenue numbers from Google.

In particular, the article states that Google generated less than $550 million in revenues from its Android OS between its launch in 2008 and late 2011. By comparison, Google generated a total of $38 billion in revenues just in 2011.

On the other hand, the article also claims that Google's services such as Google Maps in iOS devices and Google Search in Apple's Safari web browser created almost four times as much revenue for the company as Android does.

Google releases the Android OS to smartphone and tablet makers for free in the hopes that it can generate money from ads displayed on those devices. Google has not commented on the Guardian's article nor how it came up with its figures based on the lawsuit settlement.

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