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Now -weve heard alot of speculation about this, but like most things in life, ooo sorts the men from the boys. He has found this post on the Duke Nukem Official boards by one of the coding team there. That guy writes :

* Release Date : "When its done". Simple as that. Also, ignore ALL release dates unless you hear them from us. This includes EB, Amazon or anywhere else. We will tell you when its getting really close, and we will tell you when its done. We promise.

* "Whats taking so long?": Lots of things. We had too few programmers early on. Some tech took too long to do. We switched engines. We started over a time or two. And a bunch of other stuff. Point is, we know its late, and you know its late. Lets stop talking about it, ok?

* System Specs : They are going to be steep. You will need a video card with pixel shaders. A GeForce 3 will be about the minimum card, and ideally you will want something like the latest ATI or nVidia card. Sure, the game will probably run on a GeForce 1/2, but youre not going to want to. As for CPU? The more the better. A 1Ghz is a pretty slow machine these days, and youre probably going to want a 2 Ghz or better. DO NOT buy hardware for the game now. Wait until its done and see where things are then.

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