Euro filing reveals Apple 'handheld computer'

Could Apple really be releasing a tablet like computer? The Register is reporting that Apple has filed for an European design trademark. This filing covers a "handheld computer" along with sketches of Apple's design. The images themselves look like a small iBook screen, but minus the body (according to The Register). This indicates that it might in fact be a similar design to Microsoft's Tablet PC (no keyboard or mouse).

If in fact Apple is developing a tablet like PC, Microsoft could have some serious competition. So far Microsoft has yet to win the hearts of users with its Tablet PC design. As the Tablet PC is now it doesn't offering anything overly impressive, and still lacks the application/support needed from other companies. Back in 2003 Quanta a Taiwanese contract manufacturer claimed that it has been hired by Apple to build a "wireless display". At the time Apple denied making such a deal, but it now it looks like Quanta was telling the truth.

I personally hope Apple is making a PDA/Tablet. I think Apple sees the PDA market as a good place to launch a new product line. Right now their isn't a real dominating force in the PDA market, so it would make sense for Apple to target it. After all look what happened when Apple introduced its portable music player the iPod. It's really anyone's guess what this device is, but then again that's half the fun.

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