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EVE Online reveals new EVE Vanguard FPS "module" and new 4x mobile game EVE Galaxy Conquest


CCP Games is going to try once again to launch a successful first-person shooter based on, and linked to, its long-running space-based MMO EVE Online. Today, during the developer's EVE Fest fan event, the company revealed EVE Vanguard, a FPS "module" for the main MMO game.

The FPS extension is being developed by CCP's London studio, using Unreal Engine 5. Here's some more info on the game:

  • One Team, One Game, One Community: EVE Vanguard is connected to EVE Online from Day One and built in close collaboration with the EVE community, where player voices matter.
  • Your Next Shot Will Topple Empires: You have the power to impact New Eden with evolving interoperability between EVE Online and EVE Vanguard.
  • Evolve and Overcome: Advance your suit and equipment to become more powerful and synergise with squadmates to overcome new challenges.
  • Intense Action: Experience visceral FPS action with boots-on-the-ground gameplay in solo or squad-play with up to 3 team members.
  • Fight for Survival: Watch your back. The bond between Vanguards is fragile. Today‘s squadmate could be tomorrow‘s rival.
  • A New Gateway Into New Eden: Human-scale conflict across the planetscapes of New Eden, each with its own hazards and distinct aesthetics.
  • As Above, So Below: Experience the signature high degree of player customization, persistent progression, and social interaction from a game set in the EVE Universe.

There's no release date yet for Vanguard. CCP Games previously created the PS3 exclusive EVE Online-based shooter Dust 514, but after launching in 2013, it shut down just three years later.

EVE Online will also get a new expansion, Havoc, on November 14, with new ships, updates for in-game projects, and much more. CCP says:

Bring chaos to the frontlines with the upcoming Havoc expansion, as you align with either the Angel Cartel or Guristas pirate factions to aid the mysterious Deathless in spreading corruption throughout empire warzones from the newly discovered Zarzakh system!

CCP Games also announced a new mobile strategy game set in the EVE Online universe. It's called EVE Galaxy Conquest, and is a 4X-based free-to-play strategy title. Here's what CCP says about this game:

In EVE Galaxy Conquest, players must work as a team to battle opponents for interstellar supremacy, leading vast armadas representing one of the four mighty empires from EVE Online: the Caldari State, Gallente Federation, Amarr Empire, or Minmatar Republic. Featuring strategic 4X gameplay, players command EVE’s iconic ships and characters as they explore space, exploit resources, expand territory, and exterminate their enemies.

Some international markets will get the chance to check out the game on iOS and Android in a soft launch before the end of 2023. A full worldwide launch is due sometime in 2025.

UPDATE: CCP Games reached out to Neowin today (September 27, 2023) to reveal EVE Galaxy Conquest's full release across iOS and Android is planned for 2024 instead of the originally announced 2025 window.

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