Facebook announces new features geared towards data protection and privacy

Facebook is no stranger to privacy and data security woes. A year back, the company was in the crosshair for mining data on smartphones. Since then, Facebook has been taking measures to improve user security and data protection. In October, the firm was testing end-to-end encryption for secret audio and video calls in Messenger. And earlier this month, Facebook introduced notification alerts for third-party logins.

Keeping in mind that today it is Data Privacy Day, Facebook has announced a couple of new additions geared towards data privacy. To begin with, over the course of the coming weeks, users will be prompted to review their privacy settings under the updated Privacy Checkup tool. The updated tool has a more organic design. It will also walk you through your current data settings, and allow modifications to them.

Next, the Off-Facebook Activity tool is also generally available starting today. It will allow you to see a summary of information gathered by businesses to send you targeted advertisements. You will also have a choice to remove it from your account.

According to the company, Off-Facebook Activity "marks a new level of transparency and control", one that the firm has had to rebuild certain parts of their system for. As a whole, the firm accentuated the importance of data privacy and claimed that it will "continue to make progress on this important work in the decade ahead."

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