Facebook is rolling out a "privacy checkup" pop-up

The image above shows the first step of the privacy checkup pop-up.

Facebook remains at the center of "TMI" scandals, as users inadvertently post statuses, 'like' pages or share links without considering who will be able to view that action. This could be on a larger scale, such as accidently publishing a private status as 'public,' or on a smaller scale where a user may only want to block individual people from viewing the content they're sharing.

In order to counter this, Facebook is once again making privacy options more visible by introducing a tool which will help guide Facebook users through their privacy options. Over the next couple of weeks, Facebook users will start seeing the pop-up which makes sure that the users are fully aware of who is currently seeing their posts, as well as how to restrict them if they would like to.

The pop-up initially appears as a request, greeting the user and announcing itself as a tool that allows users to review their privacy settings. The user can then decide to proceed or cancel. If the user proceeds, it goes through a series of steps regarding various privacy settings on Facebook:

  1. The first involves showing users what their current post setting is and asking if users would like to change it. 
  2. It then moves onto looking at apps which the user has logged into with their Facebook account, showing the privacy settings for each individual app, as well as offering the user a chance to change them.
  3. The last step involves reviewing the finer elements of a user's profile: privacy levels regarding a user's relationship status, phone number, work, or current location can all be changed at this point.

This marks yet another page in Facebook's privacy issues, which have not only resulted in hundreds of thousands of individual complaints but have also resulted in large investigations by federal bodies.

Below is a video published by Facebook introducing the new privacy checkup feature:

Source: Facebook

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