Fileswapping changes in Canada

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Attention all Internet music swappers: your free ride may be about to end.

The federal government has announced amendments to the country's Copyright Act that could leave those who share everything from tunes to movies online liable for their actions.

The government is proposing to sign two international treaties to protect the rights of artists and copyright holders. It would force Internet providers to keep track of users who share high volumes of material using programs like BitTorrent and Kazaa, and report them to the industry.

Under existing laws, and despite endless attempts, judges have repeatedly ruled against music industry efforts to stop the practice in Canada.

Record companies have successfully sued hundreds of file swappers in the U.S. and threatened them with huge fines. They claim the practice is costing them millions of dollars a year in lost sales, but up until now, they've haven't been able to make much headway north of the border.

News source: CRIA

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