Firefox 65 launches with new online privacy controls, plus support for WebP and AV1

Mozilla has announced the release of Firefox 65. The new update comes with some notable improvements including support for the next generation video codec, AV1, on Windows and support for the WebP image format that Google released several years ago. In addition, tracking protection has been made easier to understand with simplified controls in the settings menu.

In addition to those headline features, Firefox 65 brings with it better language support for multilingual users. It’s now possible to head to the preferences and install multiple language packs then order them as desired for Firefox and websites without having to download specific locale-specific versions of the browser. Those on macOS can also start using the Handoff feature with the browser in order to continue where you left off on iOS. Handoff works on both the mobile versions of Firefox and Safari.

The main headline feature of this release is no doubt the new privacy controls, Mozilla even made a whole blog post dedicated to the feature. Those heading into the Privacy & Security section will now be given three options to choose from in the Content Blocking section but most users will probably only be concerned with the Standard and Strict blocking policies.

The Standard setting is selected by default and this will block trackers in Private Browsing Mode, in future this feature will also block Third Party tracking cookies. The Strict setting will give users a bit more protection by blocking trackers in all windows, not just in Private Browsing Mode. Finally, there is a Custom option which will give advanced users more control over how they want to block trackers and cookies.

Firefox 65 is rolling out to users now, you can check if you’re up-to-date by heading over to the Mozilla Firefox webpage where you’ll be notified if you’re running an outdated version of the browser.

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