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Flight Simulator patch version now out with a bunch of fixes

Less than two weeks after releasing the fifth Flight Simulator patch to users – which itself arrived slightly behind schedule –, Microsoft has released the sixth patch for the simulator that fixes more issues with the navigation, aircraft behavior, ATC, weather, and more. The patch bears version number and is rolling out to all users now.

Today’s release addresses problems mainly with ATC and airplanes. The ATC window now lists the entire names of approaches and there are improvements to responses when trying to switch to an IFR flight plan mid-air, even if a flight plan was already loaded in the GPS, and more. As for enhancements to aircraft behavior, the A320 bank oscillation issue caused by the Fly-by-wire has been fixed, along with other problems affecting cockpit instruments and more.

Here is the complete changelog:


  • Navblue data has been updated
  • Navigation data date is now dynamically set in the avionics


  • ATC window should now list the entire name of approaches
  • ATC should respond to requests for changing an approach into an airport
  • User should now have the option to request an IFR clearance in the air even if they have a flight plan entered / loaded in their GPS
  • ATC should now respond to requests for changing runways while near / on approach to an airport


  • The Fly-by-wire bank oscillation has been fixed for the Airbus A320neo
  • The overpowered engine of the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner has been reduced
  • Fixed broken plane instruments when switching to Metrics via the options menu
  • Fixed cockpit interactions that were either getting mixed up or not working on 3rd party airplanes
  • All liveries should now be accessible in game and properly loaded


  • Lightning should no longer be triggered in clear skies


  • The sensitivity curve methodology has been adapted for the different inputs


  • New temporal anti-aliasing (TAA), along with new sharpen filter using AMD FidelityFX CAS

While the fifth patch noted a few known issues in the changelog, including problems with the autopilot in VNAV, live weather, and more, today’s release does not mention any known issues. The live weather bug is marked as partially fixed in the latest Feedback Snapshot. A bunch of issues also seem to be marked as ‘backlog’, including taxiway inconsistencies.

Responses to the patch release announcement on Twitter also suggest that users are still facing problems with the AI co-pilot feature. It will be interesting to see if the firm adds these issues with the next update or provides more information as part of next week’s development update.

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