For Mac OS or Windows? Multi-touch displays in production

According to reports from, following a recent visit to one of LG's display factories, it appears that LG is preparing to ship multi-touch screens. There are rumors arising that the displays are for Apple and a future multi-touch iMac.

Apple has stated quite clearly that multi-touch will not be a feature available on their desktop or notebook line in the near future, yet the rumor mill still brewed and with the discovery of these LG screens, is brewing further.

It is also possible that these displays could be LCDs for the upcoming Windows 7 release or merely displays for manufacturers other than Apple.

Hewellet-Packard was the first company to release a multi-touch desktop with their TouchSmart series, which boast better hardware than current iMacs plus the touch capability at a better price/performance ratio.

Apple fans will have to wait until the upcoming MacWorld Expo in January to see if multi-touch will be included with Snow Leopard and Apple was just 'being mysterious'. Until then, it is not expected that the rumors of the multi-touch iMac will subside.

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